What's on offer - Free listings and promotional opportunities

Basic Entry - Free Listing
Every eligible Practitioner, Organisation or Company is entitled to a free entry consisting of Name, Address and one Category Classification.
Filling in the details on the enclosed form will ensure your entry is correct and up to date. Entries are valid for one year dated from our receipt of your form.

Optional Services -
Promotional Opportunities

For additional exposure, University-of-Life offers numerous promotional opportunities immateriar of wheather you have your own website or are a computer novice.
You can enhance your Basic Entry by investing inone or more of the following promotions:

1. Inclusion of Contact Name, Phone, Fax & Mobile
Cost 25
Essential business communication details.

2. Inclusion of Live E_mail address
Cost 15
Let web surfers communicate with you.

3. Hot Link to your Website
Cost 30
Generate more traffic to your wedsite.

4. Additional Category Entries
Cost 15 per Category.
25 for new Category.
The more categories you're listed under, the more attention you'll receive.

5. Organisation Information Feature
Cost 50
A description of your services or products in 50 words..

6. Colour Logo in your Feature
Cost 75
Your visual identity instantly established.

7. Colour Photograph
Cost 90 per picture
A sample picture of your stock is worth a thousand words.

8. "What's New" Feature""
Cost 110 per pic+caption
A pictorial feature presents your new venture on the world's desktop.

9. Category Sponsorship
Cost 295
To be at the top of the list of a particular category classification and therefore be seen first, you can sponsor any category listed. Offered on a first come first served basis.

10. Internet Banner
Cost Home Page 495
Sub-sections 295
Reinforce your presence by placing a banner advertisement on the Home Page or relevent sub-sections.
The contents of the pages may change, but your message remains in place.

11. How to get to You
Cost 150
How to get to your location - maps to guide business straight to your door.

12. Customised Order Form
Cost 250
A web form to obtain the details you need to know about your clientele, that allows visitors to request information about a particular service or product, order goods or communicate their specific requirements to you.

13. Your own Website
Set up shop online and let your own website do the selling on a world wide scale. We are extending our internet site to host new sites for our listed clients.

University-of-Life has developed 3 packages that will reside on the University of Life Website which can be customised to suit your individual needs.

Package 1        Cost 750

  • Internet Domain Name.
  • E_mail Address.
  • Four colour pictures
  • 50-word Company Information.
  • Your Logo.
  • Travel Information -
    How to get to you.
  • Customised Order Form.
  • Plus Options 1 to 3 on the University-of_Life Website.

Package 2        Cost 950
  • As in Package 1.
  • Plus Options 4 to 7 on the University-of-Life Website.

Package 3        Cost 1,500
  • As in Package 2.
  • Plus e-commerce.

For clarification or further information pease contact Hanan Samara on +44 20 8770 3700