Optional Services Requirements Guide

Information Page text, Captions for Pictures and copy for Category Sponsorship announcement should be printed in CAPS/typed clearly on separate blank sheets and attached to the submitted form. Please restrict the text to the appropriate number of words as specified in the relevant option. State which Category you are sponsoring - label it with the number and name.

What’s New Feature: For each picture depicting your new items or services, a caption of max. 20 words should be clearly marked "What's New" and a reference to the picture.

Advertising Banners: If you produce them, they should be 488 x 60 pixels, Maximum duration 10 seconds, max. filesize 12K. If you require us to produce the banner from your material, please supply headlines, text and visual with a storyboard or general indication of style and sequence on separate sheet. See Reproduction guide below for quality notes.

Maps for Travel Information: We will need a clear local area sketch map showing your building/s, general shape, and relationship to environs. If you can send a good photocopy or Xerox of the local street map this would be an aid to accuracy If this is impossible, a map reference as well as Postcode/Zip to pinpoint the location is advisable. Local transport details such as bus routes/stops and rail stations should be shown, with one way systems for road users.

Customised Order Form: We will need a complete list of the required information and your order options, with your offered prices and delivery details etc.

Website: We will need all the material you wish to publish on the web; information, photos, logo, maps and order options. Discussion is advisable.

It is advisable to make photocopies of all material sent, to ensure clarity in the event of a query.

Graphics Reproduction Guide

We want your graphics to look good. If you supply Logos, Pictures, maps or existing/tailored Advertisements for inclusion in information pages, banners or Category Sponsorship, please use the following as a guide.

Digital Advertisements and Pictures

  • Digital advertisement for Category Sponsorship
  • Digital Photographic illustration for your info page. Producing Advertisements. The best quality will be achieved by producing the ad in Adobe PhotoshopTM and sending a copy of the original RGB colour document (.psd up to version 5.5) including all component layers, especially text layers, in editable state (i.e. not rendered or flattened).
  • Size. Ads and pictures should be in the ratio W640 x H480 pixels little will be gained by making them larger providing resolution is good:
  • Resolution may be as high as was set for print, at around 300 - 350 dpi, providing there is enough room on the media. Otherwise a minimum of 2OOdpi is essential. From this best possible starting point TouchFinder will be able to achieve the optimum screen image. (If, however, You provide us with finished jpegs or gifs, we will have little control over- quality.)
  • All non standard Fonts used should be copied to the media, to ensure faithful reproduction. Quark XpressTM or Adobe PageMakerTM files will only be accepted as a guide to the layout of an ad to be produced by TouchFinder in Adobe PhotoShopTM. There may be a charge for this production service, depending on the ad's complexity.

Logos, Maps - Digital

  • Logos and maps submitted in .eps format should be editable in Adobe IllustratorTM version 8.0 and include on the media any fonts and bitmap artwork which have been embedded in the illustration. Here also the preference is for RGB colour mode, and PantoneTM colours should be copied to and labelled in the swatch panel if they are required to accurately reproduce the logo as specified in your corporate design manual.

Photographic Prints and Transparencies

  • Photographs submitted as prints should be minimum 5x7 inches (1 2.7xl 7.8mi-n). The picture should be well exposed with good contrast and tonal range.
  • Transparencies submitted should be a minimum of 5x4 inches (12.7xlO.2nim), and clearly Marked with UoL/organisation name details, and which way to view. (Back/front etc)
  • 35mm transparencies. We strongly advise against them - results are usually disappointing.
  • Negatives of any size are not acceptable.

Logos - Line artwork/Printed

  • Bromides/PMTs. Logos submitted in line form as bromides or as artwork must be accompanied by full Pantone TN colour specifications or RGB/CMYK values if we are required to accurately reproduce the logo as specified in your corporate design manual.
  • Stationery, Logos sent printed on compliments slips or letterheads must also be accompanied by the colour reference numbers. This method often produces imprecise results depending on the printed logo size and quality of printing/paper and should only be followed if no better method is available. Generally speaking, the smaller the original scanned, the worse the result, For this reason we do not accept business cards or small logos printed on leaflets as logo artwork.

Acceptable Digital Media

  • CD-ROM
  • ZipTM 1OOMB disk
--clearly marked as MAC OSTM or WINDOWSTM With Your Organisation name and UoL.
(If your suitably reusable protective packing encloses return label and postage, your media will be returned afterwards.

E-mail attachment.

  • Photographic illustrations should be best quality jpeg and about 1.5MB uncompressed. Send to info@touchfinderco.uk, giving all relevant details including Organisation name and UoL.
NB: This method cannot guarantee the best results, and takes considerable online time to send unless you can use ISDN.